Losing your battle with the lawn?

Back then, giving a haircut to any yard needed a petrol mower, and this could be the case for substantial properties. Yet, battery and electrical choices have improved significantly, providing worth and more power. We help you choose whether to go the route that is petrol, electric or battery to keep your yard nicely dressed.

Big cutting width, big yard

Keep your mower

Keep your mowerWhen compared with electrical- and battery powered versions, petrol lawnmowers could be a hassle refuel and to begin. The price to the neighborhood surroundings with sound and fumes could even be an issue. But when you are in possession of a huge yard, petrol versions should stay on top of your list.

You’ve a power point close by and should you not mind the slight hassle of pulling a wire around, then an electric lawnmower would be a great choice if your yard is around 50 square metres or less, and is simple to run and keep.

In the event you looked at battery powered mowers 10 years ago and ignored them as worthless, well, you had have been correct. But in cutting functionality and battery life progress have not been insignificant, and battery powered alternatives now are well worth a look.

To learn more, check our reports on the mower out choices for battery, electrical and petrol mowers.

For those who are in possession of a huge lawn, you might want to take a look at our ride-on mower post.

What to search for

What to search for mowerThe handle needs to be comfy to hold and rather height-adjustable. A turned-up handle gives better control over the lawn mower and is easier on your wrists.

Important managements ought to be simple to see and close to hand. The engine control lever ought to be on the handlebar for easy accessibility and also you need to have the ability to use it without an excessive amount of effort. Make sure you also have several locations available and the cutting height is readily adjustable.

The mower ought to not be difficult to push and manoeuvre in each of the states you will use it. Big wheels enhance handling on rough ground as well as a lightweight version is more easy to push and turn. The catcher ought to be produced of stiff plastic; with a bag-type catcher you’ll be able to get showered in dust. The catcher should have one for taking two handles and one for emptying.

Mulcher mowing

Standard catcher-only lawnmowers must be taken out of the yard to prevent suffocating the cut grass and create grass clippings which are a lot more. This attribute might become more common on battery versions while a large proportion of mulcher mowers examined by PICK are petrol.

Lawn Mower Troubleshooting (Starting And Stopping) – Part One

One of the very first things you will find in the event that you read the opinions on some lawn mower reviews, is the fact that a few individuals appear to experience technical difficulties with their mower they do not understand how to repair. Yet, what’s generally incorrect with their machine is normally something minor and can be readily repaired. Assess a number of essential elements and also make several repairs that are easy as well as the mower will under usual circumstances be as good as new.
lawn mower 2I’m really going to provide you with a summary of a number of the very frequent issues using a lawnmower as well as the way they really can be immediately identified and repaired now. This may not just keep you from needing to purchase a brand-new machine every year but will even keep you from needing to go to a repair guy whenever you possess the slightest trouble by means of your machine. Here are the top lawn mower troubleshooting suggestions that can allow you to get your mower back outside on the yard.

The Mower Will Not Start

Among the largest criticisms that people have with their mower is the fact that it will not begin. Very seldom is this a scenario where the machine has entirely expired. Most of the time, it’s something really simple which can be repaired quite easily.

Assess Gas: Assess your tank and fill it, if needed, or empty last year’s gasoline out and add new gasoline.

Assess Spark Plug: Make certain it isn’t disconnected, filthy or loose. Assess it, ensure it is clean and reconnect.
lawn mower 3
Assess Filter:

Assess Carburetor: Sometimes that’s sufficient to get matters moving.

Electricity Reduction During Mowing

In case your mower abruptly cuts off when you are mowing then do not stress. It is an issue that is common and occurs to everybody.

Assess Cutting Height: Assess the cutting height if needed, and lift.

Air Filter: Then it will not run quite long, in case your mower is not getting enough air. And generally the perpetrator is the air filter. Assess it and ensure it is not clogged or dirty.

Having a build-up of grass round the blades can result in them being unable to turn as well as the engine stalling out. This frequently occurs when you’re attempting to cut wet grass.

All these really are the most often encountered issues using a lawn mower that begins or will not begin but stalls out. Most of the repairs will make sure your machine is up and running right away.

Lawn Mower Reviews

The Fiskars reel mower, emphasized by greater than one specialist as the very top of its own category, is expensive for its kind. Yet, on more affordable versions, hundreds of consumers have left comments on retail sites like Amazon, Home Depot, and Walmart.
Fiskars reel mower
Both customers and specialists point to cutting operation as the main quality of any lawn mower. Individual yards are seldom perfect, although testing by Popular Mechanics has proven that virtually any mower will operate under perfect conditions. Maneuverability is essential; the simpler the chore, the much more likely you’re to do it (and even appreciate it). For gasoline mowers, straightforward and dependable beginning is close to the very top of the listing of reviewer concerns, and sound additionally comes up. In the end, the finest low cost versions are dependable and relatively trouble free.

Cutting Operation.

Our top picks value levels that are high in lawn mower reviews for cutting quickly, and economically. Most users say they handle even pots and significant grass absolutely well — unless it is not dry. Owners of reel and electrical versions mowers report cases where they needed to go over the exact same area more than once, in the event the grass was quite thick. Nevertheless, this small sacrifice in functionality does not appear to discourage those who need to keep emissions, sound, and weight to a minimum.

Simplicity of Use.

Fiskars reel mower 2
The mowers we picked current few, if any, problems with maneuverability and handling. Even individuals who must shove on any of these lawn mowers down and up hills have not a problem with all the weight of the machines. Beginning is a matter among users of gasoline-powered mowers. One major reason the Murray mower missed our wound was that many folks could not get it to begin. Occasionally this occurred after a week, occasionally after a year, sometimes out of the carton. By comparison, innumerable reviews of Cub Cadet SC100 and the Husqvarna 7021P report the engines begin on the initial pull.
Noise. What is astonishing is the amount of people who enjoy the Husqvarna 7021P for exactly the same reason.


Most of our top picks -year limited guarantees. The typical lifespan of a lawn mower is all about six years, based on Consumer Reports, but may be a lot more with proper attention. A yearly checkup at the beginning of every mowing season is critical to keeping an affordable mower. And ensure that you maintain the blades sharp.

Great States Reel Mower 415-16 Review

Clean, exact and scissor-like cut, the Great States reel mower 415-16 jumps out on sound, fumes, twines, oil and gasoline. Light at only 25 pounds, this mower is not state of the art, but it definitely gets the job done.

Reel mechanism rotating the blades function with not much effort required from the user. So long as you keep the mower moving the sharp blades do the remainder of the job.

Cut Quality

Reel Mower 415-16 reviewIt’s not common for a push mower to keep a consistent cut quality. Nevertheless, since this mower is pure alloy weighing an adequate 25 pounds, it doesn’t hit or jingle on irregular terrain. When done, the final result is a perfectly manicured yard. It manages to cut through more demanding grass forms that normally clog the blade array of a petrol mower.

Height Adjustment

Moreover, I attempted mowing at under one and half inches and it feels no different from utilizing highest or the lowest . Keep in mind to always grease the blades up a bit before you begin your yard run.


Aside from the yearly upkeep of oiling the blades, joints and likely repainting the mower every year or two to stop this Great States reel mower, rust does not actually want much consideration. It’s tough, light and simple to make use of even after months of mistreatment. Simply pile it in your shed and bring it outside with no single worry on the planet on weekends.

Cost Effectiveness

Given, the Great States 415- Standard, 16, 16 Inch lawn mower is a tad pricy, but it’s all for a good cause and occurs to be less expensive than competing brands. Simple construction, total alloy body, minimal care cost and long lifespan than justifies its price tag. Oh! In addition, it occurs to be quiet with a pleasant whisking, snipping sound.

Lawn Mowing Tips For The Mower Beginner – Part One

Compose an article for people who are a newcomer to mowing and now I’m really going to change things up a bit, although I’ve composed a few advanced posts for people who consider yourselves mowing enthusiasts. Now, I’m really going to provide you with the most effective lawn mower suggestions I ‘ve for beginners, thus then this guide might seem a little basic to you personally, in the event you have expertise with mowing. It’s for those people who are really uninitiated in the art of lawn mowing. With that said, let us get this guide began and get down to company.
lawn mowingIssue Level: Really simple

Time Needed:

Measure One

The very first thing you’re going to need to do would be to locate yourself a mower. In the event you are only cutting your grass one time (which likely is not the situation), then you can likely burrow a mower from a buddy or a family member. The very first place to begin are lawn mower reviews. These can give you all of the specs before you purchase it you should learn about a particular mower.

Since there are really so many reviews it is most likely best to narrow down what type of mower you want before you begin. In the event you’ve under 500 square feet of yard, then the mower that is top to purchase is a reel mower. It’s straightforward to utilize and does not make as much sound as a petrol mower while it demands physical work.

Measure Two

lawn mowing 2The following matter you need to do would be to ensure that your mower is in good shape. You need to ensure it is assembled right and all the parts are in excellent working condition. If it is petrol powered, then make certain it’s petroleum and petrol in it.

Also assess the blades. For security reasons, most mowers take them, thus make sure that you sharpen them yourself or do not come with sharp blades.

Measure Three

Ensure your yard is clear of all obstructions. It is impossible to get everything but you need to make an effort to get as much as really possible.

Now that you have cleared the yard of all obstructions, made sure it functions right and have chosen your mower, it’s time to start mowing.